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UNDER BASIL LEAVES An Anthology of Poems

Product no.: HP127

Debut collection of poems that range over diverse subjects including childhood memories, religion, women's concerns, life and death and the 'man and woman story'

£7.99 *
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MOVING VOICES Black Performance Poetry

Product no.: HP063

This book traces the African oral tradition, through African American and Caribbean culture, to Black performance poetry in England, and examines the many factors which have shaped this oral poetry. INCLUDES CD

£16.00 *
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Product no.: HP079

This collection of poems probes the experience of diaspora, the journeying of peasant labourers from India to the Caribbean then to Britain

£5.99 *
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FIGHT A Collection of Poems

Product no.: HP235

The poems within this debut collection aim to inspire the voice within and empower those who feel powerless and have remained silent

£9.99 *
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Product no.: HP143

A collection of poems which are fanciful, teasing and simultaneously sombre

£7.99 *
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MEENACHI Fourth Volume of New Poems

Product no.: HP097

The experiences of immigrants from India to Trinidad are among the subjects tackled in this fourth collection of poems

£6.99 *

RIVER DANCER New Poems by Ian McDonald

Product no.: HP190

An important addition to Ian McDonald’s work and a noteworthy contribution to Guyanese/Caribbean poetry

£7.99 *
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Product no.: HP224

"Performance poetry that is funny, moving, honest and true. Her poems make me feel educated, cultured, alive and loved.” Benjamin Zephaniah

£9.99 *
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Product no.: HP211

This a journey about friendships and memories, about marriage, companionship and work, an autobiography in prose, verse, paintings and drawings, a travelogue, and an adventure in style

£15.99 *
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SIGNATURE CULTURES Poems that Awaken Consciousness

Product no.: HP154

A collection of poems which raise the questions that have remained unanswered for ages

£7.99 *
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CULTURAL CONUNDRUMS Poems on Inter-Connectedness

Product no.: HP180

This collection of poems is about seeing the world with different lenses so that ‘different’ is not ‘alien’

£7.99 *
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