“It is incredible to believe that, in this day and age, the country’s leaders and decision-makers still continue to operate on the basis that you push every controversy into future inquiries, hoping that it would dampen down the clamouring for immediate action and justice for the aggrieved. And, when the reports with findings and recommendations eventually appear, they would be put into eternal further consideration without any genuine attempts to introduce change. Irresponsible leadership is attributable to individuals as well as organisations. It is the collective failure which was highlighted in the Macpherson Report. It creates, in most cases, a lack of trust and confidence in the state and its authoritative public bodies. They fail to dispense fair and equal outcomes far too often for deprived and vulnerable communities, including, and especially, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.”

Extract from Belonging: Fate and Changing Realities by Herman Ouseley


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