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Georgia Brown

Located at the eastern-most tip of Jamaica is the fictional village of Cane Field Paradise. Its verdant surroundings are dominated by a sugar estate, which provides the main source of income for the inhabitants.

For nine decades, the sugar factory dominated the skyline and the daily lives of the local residents, and it is where employment is guaranteed to any able-bodied person. Consequently, the villagers work hard, but they also play hard… especially on payday!

Merriment and excitement ensue during these times of plenty but the thrill of the moment is punctuated by the unexpected closure of the sugar factory.

The Demise of Cane Field Paradise is an intimate portrait and picturesque narrative of the reality of Jamaican village life. It shifts across the landscape of the overarching sugar estate, the backbreaking labour, crop over celebrations, family life and the elation of payday.

Although fictional, Cane Field Paradise is born of fact and is a reflection of a once prestigious village whose future in the modern era is uncertain.


“Georgia’s use of the English language is truly distinguished. Her choice of words, use of metaphor, account of events, graphic portraits – and so much else, come alive in this truly outstanding narrative.”

Dr Trevor Munroe, Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of the West Indies


  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 80 pages
  • Paperback


Georgia Brown describes herself as a ‘true born native’ of Duckenfield, the village in Jamaica on which her novel is based. Her love and respect for the country of her birth is reflected in her writing and she hopes that readers will gain an insight into the complex yet endearing aspects of Jamaican village society. She currently teaches History to high school students in Florida, USA. The Demise of Cane Field Paradise follows her debut novel, My Sugar Island Home (2021).

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