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The Great Planet Heist


This represents the third of three novels on history’s forgotten or too little remembered indigenous people who were colonised and enslaved by Europeans. In this novel, we take up again the dramatic story of our Bantu family from the first novel. We follow it as it faces new Portuguese and British intruders and slavery, and experiences imperialism. We see dramatic instances of indigenous people fighting for their culture and their way of life against invaders.

  • In South Africa, the Zulus, in particular the battle of Isandlwana, a major victory for the Zulus against the British, but with a grim aftermath
  • In West Africa, where the Asante fought off the European powers for decades

This novel also tells the story of Cecil Rhodes laying the basis for apartheid in South Africa; and the role of the new 500-round Maxim machine gun in military victories by Britain.

In Brazil, we see the tide of slave revolts that followed the end of slavery in Europe in 1834; the repression of the revolt that presaged ex-slaves being deported back to Africa; and the revolts that culminated in the final emancipation of slaves in 1888.

The stories reflect the current zeitgeist in two ways:


  • Telling the post-invasion story of the indigenous people and the millions of slaves in the invaded countries/areas Brazil, South Africa and East Africa
  • The Green message of the rich and powerful in Europe and its diaspora gobbling up the planet over four centuries and spitting out its pollution and carbon emissions.


  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 240 pages
  • Paperback


Ben Lowe is a writer, poet and environmentalist. He has previously written the novels Ant Elope (2021), Too Lung to Die (2021) and Myth of Empire (2022). He has two poetry collections, Mind in a Bindle (2021), and Death and I and Jean Paul Sartre (2022).

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