THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF DR COLIN BRIAN FURLONGE: In the Public Service of Trinidad and Tobago

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Dr Colin Brian Furlonge

Dr Colin Furlonge served 34 years in the Public Service of Trinidad and Tobago, culminating with eight years as Medical Chief of Staff and three years as the nation’s Chief Medical Officer. In this expansive autobiography, he also provides a detailed expose as the “victim of a history of prejudicial treatment”. This treatment was directed by the Government of the day and guided by the Public Service Commission (PSC) – an institution created by the Constitution of a post-colonial Commonwealth Republic.
In 2004, he was compelled to resort to the High Court of Justice, whose Judgement stated that, “… compliance with PSC Regulations is necessary if there is to be confidence in the Public Service; failure to do so results in the warranted suspicion of arbitrariness, discrimination, bias, partiality and even political interference, especially when division along ethnic and political lines are often determinative of the perception of reality…”. It concluded that, “… the Applicant felt legitimately aggrieved.”
The treatment described in the Judgement was frequently repeated throughout his public service career and beyond. Dr Furlonge encourages all public servants to be resolute in giving honest, professional and evidence-based advice, and to retain all the necessary records to support their endeavours. He passionately recommends that Administrations and Oversight Commissions must adhere avidly to the rules and regulations if they are to instil trust and confidence in the public service, and engender hope for the future.

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“… an eye-opener for employees of the Public Service and, more so, a must-read for medical doctors … The book depicts a son of the soil in his struggles, literally from boyhood, to achieve the ultimate position in the Health Service in Trinidad & Tobago.”   Mr Lal Sawh CMT, FRCS, FACS, reviewer for the British Medical Journal

“A remarkable story of a dedicated public servant who has served his country and the medical profession well.”   Professor Steven Myint M.D. PhD, former Dean of Medicine & Health at the University of Surrey, UK
“Bouts of laughter, intrigue and contemplation, punctuated by bouts of anger and sadness; an information boiling pot highlighting a fearless approach to life and public service.”   Dr Curtis Rambaran MD, FRCP, FAHA, former Consultant Physician, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London

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