SHORT AND SWEET A Collection of Guyanese Stories and Fables

Product no.: HP107

Robert J. Fernandes

This collection of twenty-five short stories and fables chronicles a way of life that is unmistakably Guyanese. Robert John Fernandes is a well-known Guyanese adventurer and nature photographer and many of the stories were taken from his life experiences. They provide fascinating snapshots of the Guyanese way of life. They include a diverse range of characters from lost tribes to porknocker wives; from Leroy the laxative man to Ma Bancroft the gun-toting old lady.

The fables, however, are a product of his overactive imagination and an ample supply of free time. In these tales he examines the lives of rainbows, raindrops, old dogs, snail hawks and trees from a refreshingly Guyanese perspective. With a photographer’s perception, Fernandes breathes life into the ever-changing backdrop of his often humorous and always poignant stories. Many aspects of this cultural tapestry are fast disappearing and need to be preserved as part of Guyana’s national heritage.

“There is great enjoyment awaiting readers of this first, and hopefully not the last, collection of stories from a great lover of his country and its people.” Stanley Greaves, Guyanese artist and poet

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 152 pages
  • Paperback

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