LEST WE FORGET The Caribbean Contribution to Wartime Britain

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Wall Calendar 2022

Lest We Forget: The Caribbean Contribution to Wartime Britain is a calendar with a difference. It focuses on the often overlooked contribution made by the Caribbean nations and peoples during the two World Wars. It is both a commemoration and a celebration of those who served in the defence of freedom.

Featuring rarely seen images from the era, this calendar tells the tales of the wars, from declaration to peace, from the point of view of the Caribbean. Readers will discover how the Caribbean territories were crucial to keeping the RAF supplied with fighter and bomber aircraft, and how Trinidad fuelled the Allied invasion of French North Africa.

Brief profiles tell of the men and women who took part and the personal contributions made by the thousands who answered the call to fight against tyranny half a world away, and in defence of the “mother country”.

Many would survive the wars, and some went on to achieve further greatness. Individuals such as Norman Manley, who fought in the First World War, would become the first Premier of Jamaica; and Errol Barrow, who flew with the RAF during the Second World War, became the first Prime Minister of Barbados.

For others, such as WWI soldier George Roberts and WWII RAF pilots Billy Strachan and Ulric Cross, their tales of valour have mostly faded into the mists of time. Some would make history, such as Lilian Bader, as one of the first Black women to join the RAF, and William Clarke, who, during WWI, became the first Black man to fly for Britain’s armed forces.

Featuring a blend of poignant photography and stories of selfless valour, Lest We Forget: The Caribbean Contribution to Wartime Britain will enlighten readers with each passing month of the year!

Written in an engaging and accessible style, this calendar is also an ideal school resource and will be an essential addition to British history in general and Caribbean history in particular.


  • 210 x 297 mm A4 (opens to hang A3)
  • 28 pages
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