FOREIGN BODY: What if it happens to you?

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A tale so bizarre which occurs infrequently as a medical anomaly, Marcia’s cryptic pregnancy produces a son for her apparently infertile husband, Marcus. They are delighted but Maria, the matriarch of the husband’s family, has doubts and struggles to balance her religious beliefs with her tragic past. She harbours unbelievable secrets that disrupt her relationship with her family, especially with her son’s wife.

Marcus, a self-assured man, is consumed by his mother’s treatment of his wife and abandons any interaction with conflict. His sister, Claudia, is resilient and accepts responsibility for dealing with all the family’s problems while concealing her own anxieties.

Results from DNA tests only cause further confusion that reverberates within the medical establishment as well as in the family. The question is asked: “Who is the mother of this baby?”

The events and family history also have ramifications for the doctor dealing with the exceptional situation, who becomes personally involved as the story builds to its climax.

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 124 pages
  • Hardback

Laurene is a Trinidadian British author. Her first book, Walking in the Shadows and The Heir, received “Recommended” status from the US Review of Books. Foreign Body is fact-based fiction which draws on her background as a clinical nurse specialist.

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