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Yvonne Brissett

Can you tell a man’s preference in women by the music he listens to?

Single, sexy, Sahai Martini is a natural born flirt and bona fide gold digger. This scandalous chick is determined to enjoy a life of luxury at some wealthy man’s expense. As a television producer for a struggling urban entertainment station, she is under pressure to come up with an original idea to restore ratings, save the station and possibly her job. Combining her gold digger interests with her love of urban music, she creates a killer idea for a hot new reality dating show, but is her personal life quite as thrilling? Can she find Mr Right or will her outrageous ways get the better of her?

In this sparkling, contemporary debut, Yvonne Brissett takes us on the fresh, vibrant, edgy journey, of a young woman looking for love in all the wrong places

This is a glittering slice of urban life!


“A clever read … full of bounce, rhythm and pace”  Glen Yearwood, Launch Director, Black Entertainment Television Networks, (BET) UK

“Gripping from the start… sassy and sensual… takes single women and relationships to another level”  Naomi Jones, Nubian Readers’ Book Club

  • 198 x 129 mm
  • 288 pages
  • Paperback

Yvonne Brissett is a news and current affairs journalist at the BBC. A graduate of the University of Birmingham, she holds a Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Media, Culture and Society. Co-editor of the award-winning anthology, Whispers in the Walls, Yvonne has also written, produced and directed a short film The Darkest Hour. Other credits include her short film, The Simple Truth and the anthology Original Skin, which features her story, Mango. Yvonne has received awards from Arts Council England, and has had work broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Born in Gloucester, UK, to Jamaican parents, The Sweetest Sound is her first novel.

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