WALK WITH ME An Autobiography

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Collin Leroy Carter

An engaging and insightful look at growing up in Barbados in the 1940s and 1950s through the keyhole of one man’s experiences ... part historical text, part ‘coming of age’ story, part Pan-Africanist manual. This publication speaks to many themes that easily resonate to persons of Afro-Caribbean descent, and indeed any person who wishes an insider’s view into the origins and realities of working class Caribbean persons of that generation.

"Walk With Me looks back across three generations, but each era is presented via the lens of the writer, a ‘self-made’ man who over a period of time and character-shaping experiences has come to a greater understanding of self, purpose and his unique place in Caribbean diasporic history.

In telling his story he has touched on many themes: the persistent legacy of slavery and plantation life; the institution of matriarch-led homes; the commitment to family; the importance of pride, self-respect and personal discipline; the need of hard work and sacrifice towards accomplishing major goals; and self confidence in pursuing business opportunities towards self and community empowerment.

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 280 pages
  • Hardback

Collin Leroy Carter is a Barbadian national who divides his time between ‘Umoja’, his home in Barbados, and London. He is the founder and owner of African-Caribbean Funeral Services, the first Black-owned funeral service in the United Kingdom. He also owns Jetload Trading Limited, a freight-forwarding company, and Jessbank Limited, a property management and development company.

Over the years, his friends often told him that he, “has a book in him,” but it was only after making a promise to his wife, Lynne, and his family, and with the help of author, Annette Ione Smith (whose research was invaluable to its completion) that the publication of this book has come to fruition.

Collin is an activist and committed Pan-Africanist; a truly conscious African. Walk With Me is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream of telling his story by following in the footsteps of the ancestral griots. He is grateful to be able to share his life’s experiences and the knowledge he has gained.

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