ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: A Little Bit of Paradise - Hardcover

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7th Edition

This is a spectacular, pictorial insight into a vibrant Caribbean nation. Lavishly illustrated with more than two hundred photographic images, it captures the many aspects of life in this twin-island state.
Blessed with warm tropical sunshine, soothing trade winds, crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation – and with a beach for every day of the year – Antigua and Barbuda really is a little bit of paradise. And this vision of paradise is made up of palm-fringed coves in Antigua and miles of deserted beaches in Barbuda.
Away from the beach, history and artistry combine in the nation’s annual Carnival, where pageantry and ‘pan’ is a vivacious celebration of Antiguan and Barbudan culture, set to the sounds of calypso music.
Antigua and Barbuda also attracts sailing enthusiasts from across the globe, and it plays host to a number of events including Antigua Sailing Week, which is the Caribbean’s oldest regatta.
It is said that the world’s new economic frontier is the ocean and, as an archipelagic state, Antigua and Barbuda off ers enormous potential for economic development and investment in this ‘Blue Economy’.
This vision of Paradise on Earth is for everyone – residents, visitors and investors – and this book will provide an exceptional insight into the nation’s history, culture, people and potential for becoming a global purveyor of high quality services. The pages within this book serve as an open invitation to visit Antigua and Barbuda, where you can experience a little bit of paradise for yourself.

  • 250 x 250
  • 240 pages
  • Hardback

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