THE BELIEVERS The Hidden World of West Indian Spiritualism in New York

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Dr Glenville C. Ashby

“Here in the midst of New York’s many faiths and religions is this fascinating account of the little known and understood aspect of West Indian spiritualism. Dr Ashby brings alive our differences and those things that unite us in this important chronicle. A must read!” George Lombardi, MD

“With this book, Dr Glenville Ashby makes a necessary and fascinating interjection into records of Caribbean life. ‘The Believers’ is among the first major works whose primary focus is the lives of Caribbean peoples living in New York, an area that requites commentary and analysis. The importance of Dr Ashby’s effort is furthered by his attention to the complex, twice and trice removed spirituality of the community. Dr Ashby’s training as a journalist and his own life and network among Caribbean people in New York enable a readable and intricate text.” Dr Sheila Rampersad, Lecturer and Journalist

“There is much that is covered in this book that has not been previously elucidated. A particularly important facet of the book is the discussion on the links between Haitian history, spirituality and its present social and political situation. The discussion and arguments that will be engendered will assist in lifting the veil of hypocrisy and pretence that attend these practices in the multi-cultural society of Trinidad and Tobago and in the Caribbean Diaspora. And as it is for the African, so it is for the Indian. Find the workman, find the pundit, but quietly, like Nicodemus went to Christ, at dead of night. As the syncretic masks have become fused onto the traditional practices, the advent of Ifa/Orisa practice has brought a new dimension to the equation.” Eintou Springer, Poet Laureate and author

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