CARIBBEAN CHALLENGES: Sir Shridath Ramphal’s Collected Counsel

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Sir Shridath Ramphal

In this important book, the author states: “As a Community we are adrift in the Caribbean Sea as if without chart or compass, making a virtue of being blown by winds of fortune – even when they blow us apart. We blame ambition, not ourselves, when we fall short of goals we set. We make a fetish of pragmatism and a piousness of vision.The people of the Caribbean do care for CARICOM and all that it implies; but caring alone will not suffice to secure it if they do not ensure that their leaders act as if they do as well. In 1975, the challenge was to stay on course. In 2012, the challenge is to get back on it. Fault lies not in our charts, or even in the elements; it lies essentially in ourselves; but this, while troubling, must also mean that correction is not beyond possibility or hope.”

“The various presentations by Sir Shridath Ramphal compiled in this volume not only reflect a sustained eloquence and analytical brilliance but offer important philosophical insights into a number of critical issues, such as federation, law and diplomacy leadership, external trade negotiations and the environment ... I am confident ... that (they) ... will stimulate discussion on ... issues relevant to the achievement of the objectives of Caribbean integration. I therefore recommend it to policy makers, the academic community and members of the general public”.  From the Foreword by Professor Denis Benn

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