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Carolyn Ali

Stories and Recipes from the Egg Lady grew out of love - love of family, love of reading, love of cooking and love of art. On the pages of this unique and colourful book, each beautifully crafted story comes to life with its own lyrical original artwork.

Although written in a light vein, the stories carry a subtle yet profound message, making it a book that can be enjoyed by all. The diverse story-scape includes legends, folklore, fairy tales, mystery and travelogue. At the end of each story, like a delightful dessert, the reader is presented with several deliciously different recipes. Each recipe carries a link to its preceding story – some obvious, others requiring some thought. The recipes were shared by family members and are annotated with the owners’ names. And like our family, while Caribbean flavours infuse the brew, the pot also bubbles with a world of ingredients, including Malaysian, Bahamian, Indian, Greek, American and Spanish.

All the elements, story, image and recipe, are in reality related to each other. Think of this book as one big family of many relations, offering a banquet for the senses – literary, gastronomic and visual! Enjoy reading the stories, enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but most of all enjoy them with the love of family and friends.

  • 280 x 215 mm
  • 88 pages
  • Paperback

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