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Deanne Heron

This is a collection of short stories which takes a whimsical look at life within an extended Black Jamaican family in Britain. Written in English with Jamaican patois dialogue, the stories capture the unique sense of humour of Black people in situations which wouldn’t ordinarily be considered humorous. Subjects as diverse as funerals and family holidays are featured and take a look at the interactions between various generations while highlighting the strong bonds of love and respect that bind them together.

Jamaican patois is a beautifully expressive language. It is funny, vibrant and emotional and is more than just words; it is body language, subtle nuance and intonation. It is a language of the soul, often more about what isn’t said than what is – a look, a raised eyebrow, a quick pout of the mouth or ‘kissing of the teeth’. All of these expressions and more are found in Pardner Money Stories.

The name of the book is derived from the savings club referred to as “pardner”, “pardna” or “paadna”, which is a connecting thread within the lives of many Jamaicans past and present.

  • 210 x 148 mm
  • 144 pages
  • Paperback


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