GROWING OUT Black Hair & Black Pride in the Swinging Sixties

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Barbara Blake Hannah

This is the autobiography of Barbara Blake Hannah. She recalls her time in Britain during the 1960s and how her encounters with 'Swinging London', 'Flower Power', the anti-Vietnam War movement, Black Power and British racism helped develop her racial consciousness from her origins as a middle-class colonial Jamaican.

Socialised from birth into a negative attitude towards her natural hair and beauty, she describes the process of ‘growing out’ of both her hair and that Black consciousness. The book also threads a parallel tale – The Story of Mr Jones – that provides an insight into the life of a typical, poor Jamaican immigrant.

“This book is essential to black people everywhere, particularly those who went ‘home’ to their ‘mother’ in the search for who we are, for acceptance, for our identities – only to discover that the ‘mother’ didn’t want anything to do with us. Barbara’s autobiography has helped me recognise that our quest to make that trip back to Africa (physically and/or mentally) is the most fundamental task we face. It is something that has to be realised in our collective consciousness.” Beverly Manley

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 168 pages
  • Paperback


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