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Known as the land of many waters (a name given by the country's first Amerindian inhabitants), Guyana is located on the north-eastern shoulder of South America. It occupies an area of 83,000 square miles (a little smaller than the United Kingdom) and is the continent’s only English-speaking nation. Formerly British Guiana, the country had been a colonial outpost of both the Dutch and the British but is culturally more Caribbean than Latin American. With a majority population – almost equally – of both African and Indian heritage, Guyanese society has been influenced by many other cultural traditions and customs and is, today, the quintessential Caribbean nation.

The country itself has a range of ecosystems and landscapes that include vast areas of tropical rainforest, thousands of miles of rivers, more than one hundred waterfalls (the most notable being Guyana's iconic Kaieteur Falls), eighteen lakes, four mountain ranges and sprawling savannahs. It is home to more than eight hundred species of bird, over two hundred varieties of mammal and more than two hundred species of reptile and amphibian. Geographically, Guyana is part of the Guiana Shield which, together with the adjacent Amazon Basin, forms the largest equatorial forest in the world.

Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of colour photographic images, Guyana provides a spectacular and unrivalled insight into a unique and little-known Caribbean nation.

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