INDIA Definitions & Clarifications

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Reginald Massey

Of all the world’s major countries India is surely the most misunderstood and misinterpreted. Worse still, India lovers embrace India with little or no understanding of the country.

Since 1947, ‘India Studies’ and ‘Pakistan Studies’ have become exercises in political spin and vilification. Myths and legends are held up as facts and plain prejudice is buttressed by so-called historical research. In the cause of creating a national identity and a particular vision of greatness, dangerous doctrines and unpalatable events are either ignored or nimbly explained away. Truth is being sacrificed at the altar of expediency.

This wide-ranging book sweeps away several religious, cultural, social and historical cobwebs. Fashionable correctness in all its forms is firmly rejected. Many received notions are proved to be patently false and famous iconic figures are shown to have had failings that affected the country’s future. Encountering India: Definitions and Clarifications, therefore, may be shocking to some and uncomfortable to others. Nevertheless, all who read this book will be ever impressed by its rigorous research, cogent arguments and lucid logic. It will certainly provoke wide debate. Written in engaging and persuasive prose, this book is, in short, an education on India.

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