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Asher & Martin Hoyles

Dyslexia is a critical issue worldwide. There is widespread ignorance about it and the consequences can be devastating.

Of the 700 books on dyslexia in the British Library, apparently not one is written by a Black author and none deals with the issue of race and culture.

10% of people are dyslexic

40% of prisoners are dyslexic

25% of Royal College of Art students are dyslexic

2% of university students are dyslexic

How is dyslexia viewed in the Black communities? What needs to be done to raise awareness? How can dyslexics themselves become more conscious and confident? This book makes a start by looking in an accessible way at statistics and famous dyslexics, such as Muhammad Ali and Whoopi Goldberg; the historical background and theoretical framework; and definitions and examples of what dyslexics experience. Includes interviews with dyslexics such as Benjamin Zephaniah.

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