FACING THE CHALLENGE A Report of the First National All-Party Convention of Black, Asian ...

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... and Ethnic Minority Councillors


Introduction by Keith Vaz MP

This first national Convention was a key and historic event for Black, Asian and ethnic minority people in British Local Government. Held on 30th & 31st March 1995, it was attended by more than 50 per cent of all Black, Asian and ethnic minority councillors in Great Britain.

Published in 1996, this report includes the findings of a national survey of councillors. The results indicate that there is a long and hard struggle ahead to share power and to influence the work of local government so that it is inclusive of Black and ethnic minority communities.


"There is clearly a race equality agenda for the new millennium. Through local government this agenda can bring together diverse communities to tackle discrimination and disadvantage and to influence mainstream policies. By reflecting the race dimension in all economic, social and public policy matters and by making a commitment to integrate the needs and interests of Black and ethnic minority communities, Britain will become a fairer society and a stronger community."

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