FORBIDDEN FREEDOM The Story of British Guiana

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Cheddi Jagan

In making Dr Cheddi Jagan’s Forbidden Freedom available to a new generation, Hansib republished this classic document, in 1994, of anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist struggle from one of the veteran freedom fighters of the developing world.

First published in 1954, Dr Jagan’s ‘Story of British Guiana’ appeared in the aftermath of the military intervention that removed from office the democratically elected government of which he was Premier. Dr Jagan showed how this fitted in to both the colonial policy of Britain and the ‘Cold War’ spearheaded by the United States. It includes an analysis of “Labour and the Colonies” and shows who are the genuine and who are the false democrats.

In the original epilogue, Dr Jagan predicts the later split in the PPP “along ideological and racial lines”. It is above all that induced division that dictates the fact that, at the time of publication in 1994, the author found himself struggling in a context of industrial unrest and an uncontrollable economic crisis which in his words “stems from the lack of democracy”.

This edition includes a new preface by the author, calling for a break in the policies that he notes are leading both the developed and developing worlds towards disaster.

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