THE WEST ON TRIAL My Fight for Guyana’s Freedom

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Cheddi Jagan

From April to October 1953, Dr Cheddi Jagan headed the first People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government in British Guiana. His party also won the 1957 and 1961 elections and he headed the third elected PPP Government as Premier and Minister of Development and Planning. He fought vigorously for national independence and rights of trade unions, but the pernicious influence of the Cold War meant that Dr Jagan was undemocratically forced to spend long years in political opposition. However, his life long struggle for democracy and social justice was crowned in 1992 when he became Guyana’s first democratically elected Executive President since independence in 1966.

“... the United States supports the idea that every people should have the right to make a free choice of the kind of government they want. Mr Jagan, who was recently elected Prime Minister in British Guiana, is a Marxist, but the United States doesn’t object because that choice was made by honest elections, which he won.” President Kennedy, 1961 (Extract from text)

“Of great importance. Not only interesting but valuable.” The Times Literary Supplement

“A first-hand, eyewitness account of imperialism in action. He writes with illumination and with an enviable command of facts and figures.” People’s World

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