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Gold, Greed and Insurgency




This represents the second of three novels about history’s forgotten or too little remembered people. It features the first great anti-slavery revolution in Haiti, and the towering figure of Toussaint L’Ouverture from birth.
It is, above all, the story of the indigenous and enslaved people of Haiti and the indigenous people of Mexico through turbulent times.

Gold, Greed and Insurgency is part of a trilogy that is:

  • A history that is long overdue, a different kind of history that casts a mirror on the invaders through the lives of varied and fascinating characters and their rich dialogue
  • A history of peoples with a culture hewn over thousands of years until destructive invaders came
  • A history that helps to explain how the profit-hungry and powerful in humanity ended up causing a climate emergency in the 21st century

In Haiti, we follow the extraordinary history of the indigenous Taino people from the arrival of Columbus to their alliance with freed slaves to take on and defeat both the French and the British navies with sticks and hoes to achieve a revolution.

In Mexico, we experience the life of Aztecs in Tenochtitlan in its complexity, the Spanish invasion and the terrible destruction that followed. We follow two Aztec families, and through these we are able to direct a lens towards their history, culture and lifestyle over 250 years.

Lastly, we see the birth of the new Zulu nation during the early 1800s and more on the history of Mocambos in Brazil.


  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 300 pages
  • Paperback


Ben Lowe is a writer, poet and environmentalist. He has previously written the novels Ant Elope (2021), Too Lung to Die (2021) and Myth of Empire (2022). He has two poetry collections, Mind in a Bindle (2021), and Death and I and Jean Paul Sartre (2022).

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