THE ALTRUIST The Untold Story of Dookhee Gungah...

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... in Twentieth Century Mauritius

Swetam Gungah

Stories about Indian indenture often resonate with suffering and shame. The system that was introduced in the 1830s to replace slavery across the British Empire came with its share of hardship. Yet, there is the story of one man who sheds a different light on this episode of British and Mauritian history.
Mauritius in the early twentieth century was an emerging nation, with different peoples looking to forge a sense of identity and belonging. It was a country built by immigrants who faced countless challenges. And amid all of this, one individual stood out from the rest.
The story of Dookhee Gungah is about a man’s rise from poverty and misfortune to become a symbol of hope and benevolence for the community. His success was more than personal for the people whose lives he touched also benefitted. As the son of an Indian indentured labourer, his achievements are truly unique across the entire indentureship diaspora, and his influence reached far beyond the shores of Mauritius.
He made significant and unparalleled contributions to education, society, culture, and much more. His philanthropy will remain an everlasting inspiration, and his rich legacy will permeate far in the future.
How did someone from a deprived background achieve such greatness without sacrificing his kindness and generosity? How relevant are his accomplishments a century later? Dookhee Gungah’s extraordinary story is about altruism in its purest form.

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