SIGNATURE CULTURES Poems that Awaken Consciousness

Product no.: HP154

Matahari V

"These are superb poems which raise the questions that have remained unanswered for ages. These questions are important as behind/beside each question there could be a mysterious door to the unknown." Dr H.K. Kaul, Director DELNET Developing Library Network), New Delhi, India

"Poetry arising from the depths of one’s personal experiences and personal living of life, allows us the luxury of revealing things that normally we would not share – just like a painting shows not just a scene, but also the emotions the painter contains within him/herself. These poems give us a glimpse into the anguish and questioning of a soul that feels life crowding in and equally feels the need to be true to herself." Joseph Philip Pinto CFC, Rome, Italy

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 88 pages
  • Paperback


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