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Asher Hoyles

For over 25 years Asher has been composing poems and performing them in many different venues, including Glastonbury and Westminster Abbey. This book illustrates the variety of her style and themes and the CDs show that Asher’s passionate expression needs to be heard as well as read. She has run poetry workshops in schools, colleges and prisons, as well as teaching performance poetry for the last 16 years at Clean Break Theatre Company in Kentish Town. Asher works as a Learning Support Practitioner at NewVic Sixth Form College in Newham.

“Asher Hoyles brings poetry to you that is funny, moving, honest and true. I hear years of tradition meeting the modern and the relevant, passion and the voice of a woman who is in love with an art form. Her poems make me feel educated, cultured, alive and loved.” Benjamin Zephaniah

“Asher’s poetry is uplifting, weaving words and melodic lyrics into stories we can all relate to. Asher’s poems embrace Caribbean roots and traditions: a wonderful collection.” Zita Holbourne

“Asher’s poems bristle with the beauty and subtlety of Caribbean language in the context of contemporary London. Read and listen to the powerful ‘Dance in Your Yard’. They are a true force of conscious energy, while expressing the sensitivity and meaning of a dynamic now-times poet.” Chris Searle

“Asher has created a dynamic, musical and compelling piece of work; her voice is strong, powerful and captivating. Each poem is an accessible insight into the life of a talented poet who shares the thoughts and feelings many of us keep hidden.” Kat François

“We definitely need more voices like Asher’s exploring the black British experience, especially for women, as Linton Kwesi Johnson has done for young men. I particularly like the poem ‘Hair’ and the poems specific to women’s experience.” Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze

  • 228 x 152 mm
  • 144 pages
  • Paperback + 2 CDs

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