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Deanne Heron

This second volume of Pardner Money Stories is a follow-up to the first volume (Hansib, 2010) of hilarious short stories which featured Kelly and her eccentric extended Jamaican family living in the north of England. In this edition, the reader is presented with the latest rib-splitting antics of Grandma Mala, Cousin Babsie and husband Ferdie, Lolly and Uncle Al, as they try to navigate and make sense of their world: a little piece of Jamaica in England.

“Readers love them because the fictional landscape she created with the colourful extended family of Jamaican immigrants is not simply realistic, it’s downright compelling …they’re funny, they’re loud, they’re chaotic, they’re maddening; they’re us.” Sharon Leach, Jamaica Observer

“Heron uses English for narrative and Jamaican patois for dialogue to paint authentic, larger-than-life characters with whom ex-pats and islanders back home can immediately identify.” Fay Wertheimer, The Guardian

… a tribute to the West Indian people whose everyday stories are rarely told … Written in a chatty style, it is like listening to a good friend entertain you.” Tricia Wombell, Lime Magazine

  • 210 x 148 mm
  • 160 pages
  • Paperback



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