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Product no.: HP060

Easy-to-use reference book including more than 2,500 names and what they mean


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Product no.: HP088

Of the 700 books on dyslexia in the British Library, apparently not one is written by a Black author and none deals with the issue of race and culture - until now!

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Product no.: HP151

The essential handbook for anyone who wants their child to go to a selective school; practical, straight-talking, encouraging and packed with information, advice and anecdotes

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Product no.: HP189

Written from the point of view of the Caribbean, small island developing states and the developing and emerging world, this collection focuses on sustainable development solutions through human imagination, innovation, collaboration, participation and engagement

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Product no.: HP196

A book to help find your purpose and live the life of you dreams, now!

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Product no.: HP227

With rapidly increasing consumption, the carrying capacity of the Earth has come under tremendous pressure. Transition towards sustainability remains a distant dream. Under these circumstances, it would be worthwhile to look at the wisdom of our ancestors who lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years.

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Product no.: HP238

A book of insightful reading on human issues

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