IMPERIAL AMBITION: Venezuela’s Threat to Guyana

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This booklet is in furtherance of Guyana’s defence of its sovereignty. It elaborates the themes to which the President spoke when marking the self-determination of the people of Guyana fifty-five years ago.

On the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence in 2016, its Government issued the publication, The New Conquistadors: The Venezuelan Challenge to Guyana’s Sovereignty. In this successor publication, the mask of the conquistador is stripped off, revealing the naked visage of Venezuelan imperialism and its ambition to possess two-thirds of Guyana.

This booklet is in two Parts: Part I, updating The New Conquistadors and Part II enlarging its coverage into the phase of more active United Nations involvement and that of the International Court of Justice. Its purpose is to inform the people of Guyana, the Caribbean region and the international community more widely of the shameful imperial quest that drives the Venezuelan threat to Guyana.

The photograph on the front cover is of the prow of Mt. Roraima on whose historic summit the boundaries of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil intersect – the ‘tri-junction point’. That ‘boundary point’ was formally marked with a monument in 1931 by an official Mixed Commission of the three countries. It was the commencement of the demarcation of the Guyana-Brazil boundary on the Guyana-Venezuela boundary line. Mt. Roraima is a reminder for all time and to all people of Venezuela’s eastern border. Guyana’s sun sets there – on Mt. Roraima – and always will.

“We may be a small country, but we are a proud people. We have no military might, but we have moral and legal right. We pick fights with no one, but we will resist threats from anyone. In doing so, we will seek the protection of international law and the support of the international community.”  Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, 30 January 2021

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