E-KIDZ Mission to Cyberspace, Revised Edition

Product no.: HP188

Alan Springer

Be careful what you wish for...

In a puff of smoke and a flash of light, a genie appears from the computer to whisk the e-Kidz off to cyberspace ... to play games for ever and ever! It may be their wish come true, but this is no ordinary game. The genie gives them a dangerous mission: Clean up the internet.

The e-Kids head off on a thrilling surf-ride across the super-highway where they will encounter such perils as a swarm of bugs and cookies, evil pop-ups, chat-room predators and viruses, each in the form of fearsome monsters and super-villains.

Their journey takes them across the matrix to the centre of the World Wide Web where they must face the evil web-master in a final showdown.

Aimed at the 10 – 14 age-group, eKidz: Mission to Cyberspace tackles the global concern of internet safety in an exciting and intriguing way.

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  • 216 x 138
  • 136 Pages
  • Paperback

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