A DREAM DEFERRED: Guyanese Identity and the Shadow of Colonialism

Product no.: HP085

Stephen Spencer

This concise book examines the social, cultural and political aspects of Guyana’s recent troubled history.

Divisive colonialism has created a land of contradictions; in the 1950s the promise of a more united freedom was snatched away by British colonial interests and the USA’s Cold War ambitions. Yet despite the polarised ethnic and political divisions the Guyanese display a remarkable ability to cross boundaries and meld complex cultures.

These reflections on the struggle to expel the colonial shadow are based on interviews with political figures (like Jagan and Kwayana) and academics (including Clive Thomas and John Le Guerre) as well as the insights of ordinary Guyanese people.

  • 152 x 228 mm
  • 96 pages
  • Paperback

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