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Luke Daniels

Domestic violence has been with us a very long time – it has a beginning and it must have an ending. The pace of change has been slow because men have failed to take responsibility for ending the violence. This book challenges men to take that responsibility seriously, especially the men in government throughout the region. Defeating Domestic Violence in the Americas – Men’s Work puts forward solutions for governments to bring an end to socialization for violence. The focus is the Americas since the problem of violence is most urgent there, where 42 of the world’s 50 most violent cities are located. The possibilities for progressive governments in the region to take up the proposed solutions are realistic and imperative.

This book argues that our history of violence is partly responsible for the “macho culture” endemic in the region, and which is directly linked to domestic violence. Raising awareness about our history of violence will help towards a positive change in attitudes and behaviour. Luke Daniels charts the region’s history of violence before and after the arrival of Columbus, looking at the effects of native genocide and slavery, and how that history impacts on the violence in our societies today.


“... this excellent book ... is about humanity, about injustice and suffering, [and] reminds us of the urgent need for gender equality and respect among all peoples.”

Rocío Maneiro, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UK


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Luke Daniels is a social activist, counsellor and consultant on domestic violence, who was born in Guyana and settled with his family in the UK in the 1970s. A father of eight and grandfather of five, he believes passionately in the need for men to take an active role in parenting. His pioneering work with perpetrators of domestic violence at the Everyman Centre in London received national recognition in a 1992 television documentary, and he has trained men internationally in working with domestic violence perpetrators. His book, Pulling the Punches: Defeating Domestic Violence was the first self-help guide for perpetrators, grounded in theory as well as practice. As a one-time perpetrator, Daniels understands fully what causes men to use violence and is committed to helping other men to stop such behaviour. He believes that violence towards women is rooted in patriarchy, and so interprets domestic violence as a political act that requires political solutions.

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