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Matahari V.


Cultural Awakenings is a book of insightful reading on human issues, that we all must face and educate ourselves. This clarifies assumptions and perceptions in dealing with others and ourselves. It is a mini manual of issues that matter to us daily. We must contend with these. Written in an experiential story-telling manner, the writing hits home with examples. Questions make us probe into our inner selves. Recommended reading for all those who wish to go beyond the nitty gritty of superficial living, and apply learning to life, thus making life meaningful.


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“I am honoured to comment on Cultural Awakenings by Matahari V. I have experienced these writings over the past year in an unhurried way on Sunday mornings, with coffee in hand, and the work week pushed into the background temporarily, I was able to read and reflect upon Mala’s newest writing. It is soulful. I encourage the readers to simply pick a chapter, reflect on it and connect it to their own experience. She has such a wonderful gift with language and draws the reader into incredibly deep conversations. I thank Mala for helping me to explore my own experiences from a new perspective.

“I am also fascinated by the author’s ability to draw attention to the challenges and opportunities faced by the Immigrant - especially when two very distinct worlds and cultures are involved. There is no doubt that Mala has had to deal with many “adversities” in her journey from East to West, yet in each instance, hope, strength and perseverance prevails. I recommend this book as an experiential journey into humanness and fortitude born of faith, courage and conviction.”

Brian Beal, Director of Education, S.M.C.D.S.B., Ontario, Canada


Mala is a writer, teacher, artist and poet who divides her time between two countries, Canada and India. She writes under the pen name of Matahari V.

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