CRUMBLED SMALL The Commonwealth Caribbean in World Politics

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Sir Ronald Sanders

This is a candid account of the situation of Caribbean small states in the global community written by a former participant in many of the deliberations of Caribbean governments.

Sir Ronald Sanders declares, “The Caribbean is in crisis.” Preferential markets for traditional Caribbean products are gone; the financial services sector is under siege; and tourism is endangered by natural disasters as well as constant leakage of its earnings from Caribbean economies. Drug trafficking has contributed significantly to rising levels of crime. The problem is overwhelming law enforcement agencies and weakening the fabric of societies. The international community is not doing enough to ensure that these small states do not slide into conditions of high unemployment that will increase poverty, expand the spread of HIV/Aids and threaten their survival.

Smallness is powerlessness, and each of these small states lacks the capacity to cope with the challenges that confront them.

The conclusion of this book is compelling: Governments have to face-up to the crisis, state it boldly to their people and the international community, and act resolutely to overcome it in the only way that is sensible – and that is to make their small countries bigger through arrangements of joint governance that are so patently necessary to make them more viable.

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