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Basdeo Mangru

Colonial Emigration from the Bengal Presidency is an abridged version of the exhaustive 1883 unpublished report of George Grierson. In late 1882, this Indian government civil servant conducted a comprehensive study of issues relating to the export of Indian labour overseas from the Presidency.

This primary source, ferreted out from the Emigration Proceedings of the Government of India, is an invaluable addition to the existing literature on the Indian diaspora in the Caribbean and elsewhere. It is perhaps the definitive study of recruiting operations in the Bengal Presidency. It provides new insights into such neglected, glossed over issues as the class and character of colonial recruiters, the state of the labour market, the popularity of recruiting districts in Bihar, prejudices against emigration, depot accommodation and sanitation, family and female recruitment and the correlation between food scarcity and high migration and population pressure and unemployment.

Scholars and others will find its authoritative evidence, wealth of information and statistical data both insightful and informative.

“… useful statistical information, as well as linguistic material of unusual interest.”   Prof. Hugh Tinker

“... illuminates issues crucial to our understanding of Indian diasporic history.”   Prof. Frank Birbalsingh

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  • 140 pages
  • Paperback

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