ANTIGUA VISION: CARIBBEAN REALITY Perspectives of Prime Minister Lester Bryant Bird

Product no.: HP061

Introduced and edited by Sir Ronald Sanders

This book reflects the perspectives of a Caribbean Prime Minister on major issues that confronted the region over the twenty-five years, 1976 to 2001.

Lester Bryant Bird is the only Caribbean leader who held office consistently over a quarter of a century. Consequently, he has been in the forefront of decision-making in the region as an entire generation of West Indians grew to maturity.

The statements included in this volume cover a range of topics, each of them crucial to the Caribbean’s economic, social and political development. They range from the region’s continuing quest to build a single Caribbean nation, its cautious relationship with the United States, the right of intervention in the affairs of Caribbean States, the increasing struggle to maintain a place in international politics, and the importance of cricket to the West Indian psyche.

Most of the statements are reproduced in full and each is given a brief introduction setting the context.

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  • 324 pages
  • Hardback


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