A.N.R. ROBINSON In the Midst of it

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The Autobiography of Former President & Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson rose from humble origins on a small island in the Caribbean to become a national, regional and international leader. His life story has been truly inspirational. It is a story that contains the magic and poetry of what life can and should be. Nonetheless, it has not been an easy life.

Certainly, A.N.R. Robinson has faced his share of challenges, including some that have been life-threatening, but he has lived with solid principles rooted in justice for all and deep faith in humanity. This has served him well. His character was formed in his close family and his early schooling in Tobago. He would become a graduate of Oxford University, a parliamentarian, Minister of Finance, and Prime Minister and President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

He served his people with distinction, never losing sight of the immense responsibility of public service. A.N.R. Robinson has not only been a great leader of his country, but he has demonstrated that capacity on the world stage. In fact, he has altered the course of history by his extraordinary leadership in the creation of an International Criminal Court (ICC). Without his efforts, it is doubtful that this court – one of the major international institutional innovations of the twentieth century – would exist today.

Some people believe that only the big and powerful countries can influence the international system and the course of history. They are wrong. Trinidad and Tobago, under the leadership of a man of vision and determination, led the way to the establishment of the ICC, an institution that holds the promise of restoring integrity to world affairs and saving countless innocent lives. By this effort and achievement, both A.N.R. Robinson and Trinidad and Tobago have earned a special place on the international map.

Changing the world is not easy. There is no magic wand. It takes the determination of exceptional leaders with vision like A.N.R. Robinson. It also takes the commitment and persistence of many people who join together for a noble cause. Life finds ways to test each of us. In this book, A.N.R. Robinson shares with the readers the challenges of his long and full life.

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