AN AFRICAN JOURNEY: Book Two – From Emancipation 1838 to 1948, the Windrush and the ‘Mother Country’

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Barbara Ellis

This second volume of An African Journey traces former enslaved Africans, along with their heroes, Sista and Breda Anancy (Ananse, Anansi), after Emancipation in the British Caribbean. It depicts their struggle for political and economic liberation from the colonial power – Britain, and outlines their journey throughout the region in search of work.

It also comments on the journeys made to Europe by thousands of men and women who enlisted to fight in the First and Second World Wars.

An African Journey continues with the now symbolic first mass migration to Britain from the Caribbean on board the Empire Windrush in 1948. For more than two decades after this momentous docking at Tilbury, men and women from the Caribbean (the so-called ‘Windrush Generation’) would answer the call from the Mother Country and the prospect of job opportunities in post-war Britain.

Their ancestors had been enslaved and taken from Africa more than four hundred years earlier to work on the plantations of the Caribbean and the Americas. And here was another journey... from the Caribbean to Great Britain.

The book also traces the journey of Mrs Brown and her seven young children who set sail from Jamaica to Britain in 1964 to join their father in London. The family experiences hostility and discrimination from the moment they arrive in the Mother Country. Their story is by no means unique; it is a story that could be told by countless members of the Windrush Generation, not just from their arrival in Britain, but also throughout the intervening seven decades up to 2018.

  • 216 x 138 mm
  • 208 pages
  • Paperback

BARBARA ELLIS was born in Jamaica and came to England with her parents in 1964. She was educated in Britain where she trained to be a teacher. After working in London for a few of years, she went to work in Mozambique, Southern Africa, as a teacher. Upon returning to the United Kingdom, she worked for many years in adult and continuing education and schools. She is the author of A Practical Guide to the Schooling of Black Children in Britain and Caribbean Reminiscence, which recalls the experiences and recollections of Caribbean elders in Britain and published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948. She also used these stories to provide multi-cultural materials for the Literacy Strategy introduced into British schools in 1998. Her other titles are the children’s book, Tiger Hunt, and An African Journey, Book One (2016).

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